Must Watch | Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Discover op 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows that deliver unforgettable plots, stellar performances, and endless entertainment.

Lets countdown the Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows, highlighting the must-watch titles that have captivated viewers with their intense plots and unforgettable performances.

Ella Purnell has quickly become one of the most promising young talents in the entertainment industry.

With her captivating performances and versatile acting skills, she has earned a place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. From enchanting fantasy roles to intense dramas, Purnell’s filmography showcases her remarkable range and dedication to her craft.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 best movies and TV shows featuring Ella Purnell, highlighting the standout moments of her career that have solidified her status as a rising star.

Join us as we delve into her most memorable performances and celebrate her impressive journey in the world of film and television.

10. Sweetbitter(2018-2019)

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Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

Sweetbitter(2018-2019) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At tenth spot, we chose “Sweetbitter(2018 – 2019)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows.

Tess starts working at a famous restaurant after moving to New York City. While struggling to keep up with her demanding job, she must simultaneously overcome the temptations in her life.

Very artsy and well produced. The writers have obvious experience working in a high-end restaurant (except for lack of table-side dishes), many of the scenes with the cast are quite realistic. The main character, Tess is very naive and her choices are so low bar, seems like she is just going from dumb to dumber and any mid-west values she grew up with are non-existent.

I’m hoping there is a silver lining for her at story’s end. Where are the bigger goals for the characters in the restaurant, besides just basic survival. Shouldn’t we be hearing things, like they are in college studying engineering, art, law or auditioning for parts in NYC? Where is the higher meaning to their lives?

Obviously Tess has nothing going for her. The writers should throw the audience a bone, and give us some reason to hang in there with Tess’s character.

One of those cheesy shows you start watching on a whim and find yourself getting lost in the story. You know it is cheesy, you know there are “better” shows to watch, but you have been drawn in with just one episode and now find yourself binge watching every episode until there are no more available

Sexy, fun, daring… Well written and well played. Looking forward to season three.

Sweetbitter(2018-2019) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :-  Sweetbitter(2018-2019)

9. Ways to Live Forever(2010)

Image Source – Apple TV

Ways to Live Forever(2010) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At ninth spot, we chose “Ways to Live Forever(2010)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Sam, a curious boy wants to know about UFOs, airships, ghosts and scientists and wants to experience various things before he dies of blood cancer.

This is such a great movie it leaves something in you after watching it. I think it deserves more than 6.6 rating, i am not sure if its based on a true story but it makes feel that it is. The kid Sam acting makes you feel it is real. The other characters were good as well.

The good thing that they focus on the kid’s needs and what he wishes to do before he dies which is better than shooting the movie in the hospital which doesn’t make you bored there many adventures simple ones but still fun to watch.

If you are into the drama movies with good story line and entertaining scenes this is a good choice not to forget its a touching movie.

Ways to Live Forever(2010) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Apple TV here :- Ways to Live Forever(2010)

8. Ordeal by Innocence(2018)

Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

Ordeal by Innocence(2018) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At eighth spot, we chose “Ordeal by Innocence(2018)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Jack Argyll protects his innocence when he is accused of murdering his adoptive mother Rachel Argyll, a wealthy philanthropist, in 1954.

Ordeal By Innocent is an outstanding television mini-series, it’s based on the same name acclaimed novel by Agatha Christie.

It’s a gripping murder family drama followed by the murder of a wealthy heiress Rachel Argyll, and her adopted son Jack Argyll was accused of her murder, later he was killed in jail. Eighteen months later, a person, Arthur Calgary arrived and provide an alibi for Jack Argyll. Calgary believed that Jack Argyll was Innocent and he tried to prove it that incident terrifying the family once again, and references to mysterious, gritty family relationships.

The series is excellently directed by Sandra Goldbacher and the screenplay by Sarah Phelps.
The series has a brilliant presentation.

All of the star cast gave a very powerful performance in their roles: Bill Nighy as Leo Argyll, Anna Chancellor as Rachel Argyll, Anthony Boyle as Jack Argyll, Luke Tradeaway as Dr Arthur Calgary, etc.

The series has high production, and cinematography, music scores completed the whole series.

Agatha Christie’s Ordeal By Innocent is a gripping ride to suspense, and thrill.

Ordeal by Innocence(2018) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :- Ordeal by Innocence(2018)

7. Star Trek: Prodigy(2021)

Image Source – Netflix

Star Trek: Prodigy(2021) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At seventh spot, we chose “Star Trek: Prodigy(2021) ” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

When a group of teenagers find an abandoned spaceship, they decide to use it for their exploration of the vast universe. However, they soon land in trouble when the vessel’s owner returns.

Amazing production. One of the best animation series I have seen. The quality of the animation is stunning. The universe is bright and colorful and the use of light accentuates this beautiful production. The interpretation of the future technology, the ship exterior and interior designs are well thought through, detailed and consistent. The story and characters are immersive. There is a steady pace and flow and transitions between scenes are fluid. There are great angles and perspectives from wider scenes to close ups. With a lot of annoying and lazy writing, this is a very refreshing sci-fi, action animation that will get you loving the genre again.

Star Trek, like Star Wars is a vast universe. There is no need to meddle and destroy existing legacies as Star Trek Discovery and the Kelvin Timeline have done. There is room to create new characters and stories far beyond the past without destroying the integrity of the legacy. Prodigy borrows a lot from what is cliche sci-fi, so much so that is it risks looking more like Star Wars or another franchise than Star Trek. But it maintains a lot of the essence and familiar aspects of the franchise to make it feel more like a new promise.

Prodigy gives Star Trek fans what Clone Wars and Rebels has given Star Wars in terms of a new breathe and perspective to the franchise. Prodigy is likely to be badly handled by the executives who either pollute everything with propaganda and agenda or destroy the positives that fans love with profit driven bad decisions. But for now, I am enjoying this first season and look forward to more of Prodigy.

It is the only Star Trek property of this century I will watch over again as everything else that’s been produced has been absolute garbage – especially Discovery and the whole Kelvin Timeline.

Star Trek: Prodigy(2021) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- Star Trek: Prodigy(2021)

6. Army of the Dead(2021)

Image Source – Netflix

Army of the Dead(2021) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At sixth spot, we chose “Army of the Dead(2021)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries take the ultimate gamble and venture into the quarantine zone in hopes of pulling off an impossible heist.

Absolutely exhilarating. Perhaps Zack Snyder’s best.

All the performances and characters were great. Zack Snyder did a great job with taking time to explore these characters and making their backstory interesting.

Dave Bautista really stands out in this film. His character was extremely interesting in this film. This might be his best performance yet. Zack Snyder did really well with his character and I cared about him a lot. He wasn’t just a guy who is basically impossible to kill and shoots everything perfectly. People make mistakes and Zack Snyder did a really good job recognizing that and utilizing it in the film. But most of the credit goes to Dave Bautista. The character wouldn’t have been nearly as good if he wasn’t playing him.

Zack Snyder’s cinematography was as always beautiful. Every shot was absolutely magnificent. The guy knows how to do excellent camera work.

The story was creative and exhilarating. Every action scene I sat up in my seat. It was an absolute blast to watch.

Army of the Dead(2021) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- Army of the Dead(2021)

5. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016)

Image Source – Disney + Hotstar

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At fifth spot, we chose “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

A young boy named Jake discovers a house full of children with supernatural powers run by Miss Peregrine. Soon, he must help protect their home from terrifying enemies called Hollowgasts.

Peculiar is definitely the right word for this film.

Tim Burton brings the popular children’s book to life in the best way possible.

You will have fun watching this adventure fantasy film about children with special and unique powers against the dark forces of evil.

I highly recommend this movie if you love darker toned fantasy films

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Disney+Hotstar here :- Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(2016)

4. Yellowjackets(2021–2023)

Image Source – Netflix

Yellowjackets(2021–2023) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At fourth spot, we chose “Yellowjackets(2021–2023)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

A team of girls’ soccer players travelling to Seattle face a tragedy when their plane crashes in the Ontario wilderness. While they struggle to survive the harsh conditions, their sanity slips away.

This might just be one of the best shows I have ever watched.

Although I have watched films and shows from a range of genres, I am usually drawn towards more light-hearted, wholesome media. So when I first watched the pilot, I was uncertain on how much I was enjoying the show. But as I continued to watch it, the mystery and thriller of the storyline had me entirely hooked.

The parallels between the teenage timeline and the adult timeline is so beautifully illustrated and written. This is a unique concept and all of the actors have done such an incredible job at portraying their characters – I hope to see them winning many awards for their performances in Yellowjackets.

This show has a complete chokehold on me and I am encapsulated by the story it tells. Each episode leaves me in awe and waiting for a new episode each week feels impossible.

If you think season 1 is good, Season 2 is even greater. Although the present-day timeline isn’t always interesting to viewers (me included), it truly does “pick up” as the show goes onwards. I look forward to what the producers and writers are planning for future seasons.

Yellowjackets(2021–2023) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- Yellowjackets(2021–2023)

3. Arcane(2021-Present)

Image Source – Netflix

Arcane(2021-Present) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At third spot, we chose “Arcane(2021-Present)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

The origins of two iconic League champions, set in the utopian Piltover and the oppressed underground of Zaun.

This show is hands down the best I’ve watched this year! I’m really looking forward to season 2!

There are so many things that make this an amazing show:

Animation and visuals are beautiful, from the cities to the characters. What I especially enjoyed was how expressive the characters are. Many shows rely on speaking information outload to get it across to the audience- Arcane doesn’t do that. It can communicate everything it needs to through it’s characters facial expressions and their body language thought scenes.

The action is enjoyable, it never felt over the top or boring. The action is pretty unique for each fighting scene and always hits the right note.

Character development is impressive for every single major character. Many of the characters are morally grey in a realistic way. Most shows are lucky to get a few characters that go through good character development arcs- in Arcane we get to see all the main characters develop and it’s never forced or unrealistic.

My personal favorite characters were: Silco, Jinx, and Viktor. Silco is a realistic and morally grey antagonist that is not so cut and dry. He has genuine development of his own in addition to facilitating the development of other characters. Jinx is a wonderfully entertaining character that navigates what it means to become a new person. Viktor is a heartfelt and self-made scientist who aspires to do good.

The soundtrack is perfect! The music is the icing on the cake. It’s only used to enhance the scenes and isn’t overly relied on.

The story has a wonderful mix of entertainment, humor, and heart wrenching moments that fit really well together.

Overall, I highly recommend watching!

Arcane(2021-Present) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- Arcane(2021-Present)

2. Wildlike(2014)

Image Source – Plex

Wildlike(2014) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

At second spot, we chose “Wildlike(2014)” in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

A molested fourteen year old girl runs away to a deep forest in Alaska and befriends with a stranger who helps her finding a new life.

This Movie is one of the best movies I have watched in a very long time. Actress Ella Purnell was fantastic for a girl of her age, every ounce of her being was focused on her character. Bruce Greenwood was a perfect natural as the perfect Actor for His character also.

The movie held you locked in waiting through the whole movie to see how everything would work out for both of them. Excellent!

Wildlike(2014) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Plex here :- Wildlike(2014)

1. Fallout(2024)

Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

Fallout(2024) – Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

“Fallout(2024)” tops the list in our list of Top 10 Best Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

In a future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles brought about by nuclear decimation, citizens must live in underground bunkers to protect themselves from radiation, mutants and bandits.

Fallout on Amazon Prime Video is hands down one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time! As a longtime fan of the video game series, I was super excited to see how they’d bring the Fallout universe to life, and I have to say, they absolutely nailed it.

The story is engaging from the get-go, following Lucy MacLean’s journey through a devastated Los Angeles wasteland to find her kidnapped father. Ella

Purnell delivers an amazing performance as Lucy, and Walton Goggins as The Ghoul adds such a unique and captivating element to the series. The entire cast, including Kyle MacLachlan and Aaron Moten, bring their A-game, making every character memorable.

The show’s production is top-notch. The scenes filmed in Namibia’s Skeleton Coast are eerily beautiful and really capture the desolate, post-apocalyptic vibe of the Fallout world. The visual effects are impressive too, especially the power armor and the mutants. It’s clear a lot of effort went into making everything look and feel authentic.

I binged the whole season in just a few days, and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s no surprise that it pulled in 65 million viewers so quickly.

If you’re a fan of the games or just love a good post-apocalyptic story, this show is a must-watch.

Fallout(2024) Trailer | Ella Purnell Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :- Fallout(2024)

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