Must Watch | Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Discover Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows that deliver unforgettable plots, stellar performances, and endless entertainment.

Lets countdown the Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows, highlighting the must-watch titles that have captivated viewers with their intense plots and unforgettable performances.

Joey King, with her undeniable talent and captivating performances, has become a household name in the entertainment industry.
From her early roles as a child actor to her mature and nuanced performances as an adult, King has continuously impressed audiences and critics alike.

In this blog post, we’re delving into the Top 5 best movies and TV shows featuring Joey King, celebrating her versatility, range, and undeniable charm.

Whether she’s stealing hearts in romantic comedies or sending chills down our spines in thrilling dramas, Joey King’s presence on screen is always a highlight.

Let’s explore the standout moments of her career so far.

5. The Conjuring(2013)

Image Source – Netflix

The Conjuring(2013)Joey King Movies and TV Shows

At fifth spot, we chose “The Conjuring(2013)” in our list of Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows.

Rod and Carolyn find their pet dog dead under mysterious circumstances and experience a spirit that harms their daughter Andrea. They finally call investigators who can help them get out of the mess.

One of the best horror movies i have seen in recent years . James wan did a great job of creating a new horror universe.

I like the story and telling of the movie. All the characters are lovable and u will be fan of Ed Lorraine Warren.

The cinematography here is done really well because i have watched lot of horror movies which fails to do great horror cinematography.

We all have seen different kinds of horror movies but this one is really good with excellent direction and story. Every horror fan should watch this movie. And it is based o true event so that’s enough.

Overall i would highly recommend u to go ahead and watch this Movie because it is totally awesome

The Conjuring(2013) Trailer | Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- The Conjuring(2013)

4. Ramona and Beezus(2010)

joey king movies and tv shows
Image Source – Disney + Hotstar

Ramona and Beezus(2010)Joey King Movies and TV Shows

At fourth spot, we chose “Ramona and Beezus(2010)” in our list of Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows.

Life goes on in the usual, chaotic way for Ramona, her sister Beezus, her parents and aunt, Bea. Things change when her dad loses his job and the family may have to leave behind more than just a home.

Utterly adorable, one of the best family flicks of the year, everyone will love it!

Ramona Quimby (Joey King) lives in a typical middle class neighborhood on the west coast. Her family consists of Father Robert (John Corbett), Mother Dorothy (Bridget Moynahan), big Sister Beatrice, er, Beezus (Selena Gomez) and a new baby sister. Also close to the Quimbys is their mother’s sibling, Aunt Bea (Ginnifer Goodwin). Unlike Beezus, who is an excellent student and very mature for a budding teenager, Ramona struggles at school, especially with her no-nonsense teacher (Sandra Oh).

The instructor doesn’t have much patience with Ramona’s penchant to coin new words, among other issues. Life at the house, also, takes a strange turn, when in the middle of home-remodeling project, Dad loses his job. Soon, Mom is working part time at her old job and Pop becomes the lunch packer and house-husband, while sending out a large amount of resumes. Aunt Bea’s life, too, receives a curveball when old flame, Hobart (Josh Duhamel) moves back to his original home next to the Quimbys.

Happily recovered from the long ago heartbreak of Hobart’s abandonment, Bea is startled to find him lavishing attention on her once again. What’s a girl to do? Beezus has love trouble, too, when a relationship with longtime pal, Henry Huggins, may turn into a romance. Ramona continues to weather storms, such as the day an egg breaks on her head, minutes ahead of the school pictures! But, biggest problem of all is the fact that they may have to move, if Dad doesn’t find a job in town.

What will the future bring for the Quimbys? This is very fine family flick, with plenty of humor and energy without any objectionable material. In fact, it is a shining example of how successful a movie can be without sex or bad language. Then, too, the actors do a great job, with King leading the way.

What a wholesome and realistic young actress she is! Gomez, too, is a winning and lovely young thespian while Corbett, Moynahan, Oh, Goodwin, Duhamel and all of the others are lively, all-too-human and flat-out fun. The west coast setting is lovely, as are the costumes, script and all other film amenities while the direction is secure and confident.

All in all, this film is one every family should have on hand, for repeated viewings, I predict, will never grow old.

Ramona and Beezus(2010) Trailer | Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Disney + Hotstar here :- Ramona and Beezus(2010)

3. The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

Image Source – Netflix

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)Joey King Movies and TV Shows

At third spot, we chose “The Dark Knight Rises(2012)” in our list of Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows.

Bane, an imposing terrorist, attacks Gotham City and disrupts its eight-year-long period of peace. This forces Bruce Wayne to come out of hiding and don the cape and cowl of Batman again.

“The Dark Knight Rises” serves as an epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan’s monumental Dark Knight Trilogy. As the third and final installment, it not only lives up to the high standards set by its predecessors but surpasses them in both scope and emotional depth. This film is a tour de force of storytelling, character development, and breathtaking action sequences.

The story takes place eight years after the events of “The Dark Knight,” where Gotham City has been lulled into a false sense of security by the Dent Act, a law aimed at eradicating organized crime. However, the emergence of the formidable villain Bane, played by the remarkable Tom Hardy, shatters this illusion of safety. Bane’s menacing presence forces Bruce Wayne to once again don the cape and cowl as Batman, leading to a thrilling and emotional journey of redemption and sacrifice.

In conclusion, “The Dark Knight Rises” is a cinematic triumph that not only concludes an exceptional trilogy but also stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in the superhero genre. Christopher Nolan’s vision, coupled with outstanding performances from the cast, elevates this film to a level of greatness rarely achieved in cinema. It is a must-see for both fans of the Dark Knight and lovers of exceptional filmmaking. This epic conclusion solidifies Batman’s place as a timeless symbol of heroism and justice, and one can only hope for more adventures in this captivating world.

The Dark Knight Rises(2012) Trailer | Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Netflix here :- The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

2. The Act(2019)

joey king movies and tv shows
Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

The Act(2019)Joey King Movies and TV Shows

At second spot, we chose “The Act(2019)” in our list of Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows.

Dee Dee, a single mother, lives with her chronically-ill daughter, Gypsy Rose. Deep beneath their caring and loving relationship lies a horrifying secret that will change their lives.

Phenomenal Series. Acting is superb! Joey King is a phenomenal actress and look forward to seeing this young talent transform into one of the best actresses of her generation. And of course Partricia Arquette NEVER fails to disappoint. She is by far one of the BEST actresses in Hollywood right now.

Chloe Sevigny has a small role in the series but as usual, her performance was top notch. The entire cast was amazing!

The Act(2019) Trailer | Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :- The Act(2019)

1. The Lie(2018)

Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

The Lie(2018)Joey King Movies and TV Shows

“The Lie(2018)” tops the list in our Top 5 Best Joey King Movies and TV Shows.

A father and daughter are on their way to dance camp when they spot the girl’s best friend on the side of the road; when they stop to offer the friend a ride, their good intentions soon result in terrible consequences.

An intense film. Suspension of disbelief certainly needed for this one. But once one suspends disbelief, the movie takes on a certain inexorableness. A nice reminder to always do the right thing and to always tell the truth.

We have all read about the recent cases against parents fabricating test scores to get their kids into elite colleges, so this is definitely a timely theme. If parents would risk going to jail to get their kids into college, imagine what they might do if one of their kids killed someone.

Any parent watching this might say that there but for the grace of God, go I. Most parents will do almost anything to protect their children. And this movie is about what can go wrong when that happens.

The Lie(2018) Trailer | Joey King Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :- The Lie(2018)

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1. What is Joey King Age?

24 years (30 July 1999)

2. What is Joey King height?

5′ 4″ (1.63 m)

3. What is Joey King net worth?

$4 million (2023)

4. Who is the husband of Joey King?

 Steven Piet. Joey and Steven met on the set of The Act back in 2018.

5. When did Joey King get married?

September 2023 with Steven Piet.

6. Is Joey King related to Hunter King?

Yes, She is her sister.

7. Did Jacob Elordi and Joey King date?

Yes, they dated for an year before quietly splitting in 2018 shortly after the first movie’s release.

8. Why is Joey King famous?

Joey gained widespread recognition for her role as Ramona Quimby in the 2010 film “Ramona and Beezus.”

9. Who is Joey King bestfriend ?

Sabrina Carpenter

10. Is there a Kissing Booth 4?

No, sadly, the third film will be the final installment in The Kissing Booth series.

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