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Discover Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows that deliver unforgettable plots, stellar performances, and endless entertainment.

In this blog post, we countdown the Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows, highlighting the must-watch titles that have captivated viewers with their intense plots and unforgettable performances.

Matt Rife is a rising star in the world of entertainment, known for his versatile talent and captivating performances. Whether he’s on the big screen or appearing in TV shows, Matt brings a unique charm and energy to every role he plays. His journey in the industry has been marked by a variety of roles that showcase his range as an actor and comedian.

Starting out as a young comedian, Matt quickly gained recognition for his sharp wit and relatable humor. This opened doors for him in the world of television and film, where he has continued to impress audiences with his acting skills. Over the years, Matt has taken on diverse roles that highlight his ability to switch

effortlessly between comedy and drama, making him a standout performer.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at some of Matt Rife’s best work. These selections highlight his growth as an artist and his contribution to the entertainment industry. Each role has its own unique flavor, demonstrating Matt’s adaptability and commitment to his craft.

From laugh-out-loud comedies to gripping dramas, Matt Rife’s performances are always memorable. His charisma and talent make him a joy to watch, whether he’s making you laugh or pulling at your heartstrings. Join us as we explore the top 5 best Matt Rife movies and TV shows, showcasing the highlights of his impressive career. Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to his work, these picks are sure to entertain and impress.

5. The Elevator(2021)

matt rife movies and tv shows
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The Elevator(2021) – Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

At 5th spot, we chose The Elevator(2021) in our list of Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows.

Roman Juniper, a husband, and father of three is forced to go work on the Saturday of his daughter’s birthday. He plans to return home in time for his daughter’s birthday party before things take a sharp turn of events. His wife and kids are setting up the decorations and food at the house and start to wonder where Roman is since it’s well past his clock out time.

A man matching Roman’s description has been reported as a victim in a life-threatening accident and the Juniper family is extremely distraught and thinks that it could very well be him. They all quickly drive off to the hospital to find out where and what has happened to their loving Roman.

“The Elevator” (2021) is a gripping film, and Matt Rife’s performance is truly impressive. Matt plays the role of Ryan, a young man caught in a tense and unexpected situation. His portrayal of Ryan is both authentic and engaging, making the character relatable and real.

Matt’s acting in “The Elevator” stands out for its depth and emotion. He effectively conveys Ryan’s anxiety and determination, pulling the audience into the story. His chemistry with the other actors is natural, enhancing the overall impact of the film.

One of the highlights of Matt’s performance is his ability to maintain suspense and keep viewers on the edge of their seats. He brings a genuine intensity to his role that adds to the film’s tension. Overall, Matt Rife’s performance in “The Elevator” is a testament to his talent and versatility as an actor, making the film a must-watch.

The Elevator(2021) Trailer | Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Watch full movie on Amazon Prime Video here :- The Elevator(2021)

4. Fresh Off the Boat(2015-2020) – 6 Seasons

matt rife movies and tv shows
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Fresh Off the Boat(2020) – Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

At 4th spot, we chose Fresh Off the Boat(2015-2020) in our list of Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows.

During the 1990s, an immigrant Taiwanese family makes an attempt to adjust to the socio-cultural and socio-economic reality of living in the US.

“Fresh Off the Boat” (2015-2020) is a fantastic TV show, and Matt Rife’s appearance in it is a delightful treat. Matt plays the role of an attractive and charming high school student named Chase. Though his character is not a mainstay throughout the series, his performance leaves a lasting impression.

Matt brings a lot of energy and humor to his role as Chase. His character is fun and adds a fresh dynamic to the storyline. Matt’s comedic timing is spot-on, making his scenes enjoyable and memorable. He fits perfectly into the quirky and entertaining world of the Huang family, enhancing the show’s overall appeal.

One of the great things about Matt’s performance is how natural and effortless he makes it look. He blends seamlessly with the rest of the cast, contributing to the show’s humorous and heartwarming moments. His interactions with the main characters, especially Eddie, are fun to watch and add a layer of light-heartedness to the series.

Overall, Matt Rife’s role in “Fresh Off the Boat” is a great example of his talent and versatility as an actor. His performance brings extra charm and fun to an already wonderful show. Fans of the series will surely appreciate his contribution, making his episodes a delightful part of the viewing experience.

Fresh Off the Boat(2020) Trailer | Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Watch full TV Show on Amazon Prime Video here :- Fresh Off the Boat(2020)

3. Bring the Funny(2019) – 1 Season

Bring the Funny(2019)
Image Source – Plex

Bring the Funny(2019) – Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

At 3rd spot, we chose Bring the Funny(2019) in our list of Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows.

Hosted by Amanda Seales, star comedians Kenan Thompson, Jeff Foxworthy and top social media personality Chrissy Teigen judge 40 undiscovered stand-up, variety and sketch comedy acts. The hopeful contestants compete for the biggest laughs as they perform their funniest sets, solo or in groups, live before the studio audience and judges’ panel. The winning person or group takes home a grand prize of $250,000 and an invitation to perform at the world’s premier international comedy festival, Just For Laughs, in Montreal.

“Bring the Funny” (2019) showcased Matt Rife’s comedic prowess in a refreshing and entertaining way. As a contestant on the show, Matt brought his unique brand of humor to the stage, impressing both judges and audiences alike.

Matt’s performances on “Bring the Funny” were consistently hilarious and engaging. He demonstrated a sharp wit and comedic timing that kept viewers laughing throughout his appearances. Whether he was delivering stand-up comedy routines or participating in comedic sketches, Matt’s ability to connect with the audience was evident.

One of the standout aspects of Matt’s presence on the show was his versatility. He tackled a variety of comedic styles and topics with confidence, showcasing his range as a comedian. Matt’s natural charisma and stage presence also contributed to his success on the show, making him a memorable contestant.

Overall, Matt Rife’s participation in “Bring the Funny” highlighted his talent and dedication to making people laugh. His performances were a highlight of the show, and he left a positive impression with his infectious humor and charismatic personality. Fans of comedy and entertainment enjoyed watching Matt shine on the stage, solidifying his place as a talented comedian.

Bring the Funny(2019) Trailer | Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Watch full TV Show on Plex here :- Bring the Funny(2019)

2. Wild ‘N Out(20015-2017) – 20 Seasons

matt rife movies and tv shows
Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

Wild ‘N Out(20015-2017) – Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

At 2nd spot, we chose Wild ‘N Out(20015-2017) in our list of Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows.

Nick Cannon throws a set of challenges to a team of professional improv comedians and gets them to compete to find out who is the best.

“Wild ‘N Out” (2015-2017) was a lively and comedic TV show, and Matt Rife brought a fresh energy and humor to the series during his time as a cast member. As a stand-up comedian and improvisational performer, Matt thrived in the fast-paced environment of the show.

Matt’s appearances on “Wild ‘N Out” were marked by his quick wit and comedic banter. He effortlessly engaged in comedic battles and improv games, showcasing his sharp improvisational skills. His ability to think on his feet and deliver punchlines made him a standout performer on the show.

One of the memorable aspects of Matt’s role on “Wild ‘N Out” was his interactions with the other cast members and celebrity guests. His chemistry with the team and his playful exchanges added to the show’s comedic dynamics, creating many laugh-out-loud moments for the audience.

Matt’s comedic versatility was also evident in his performances on the show. Whether he was participating in rap battles, comedic sketches, or improv challenges, Matt consistently brought a high level of energy and humor to each segment.

Overall, Matt Rife’s time on “Wild ‘N Out” contributed to the show’s success and popularity. His comedic talents and engaging personality resonated with viewers, making him a fan favorite during his tenure. Matt’s contributions to the show’s comedic repertoire continue to be remembered fondly by fans of comedy and entertainment.

Wild ‘N Out(20015-2017) Season 8 Trailer | Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Watch full TV Show on Amazon Prime Video here :- Wild ‘N Out(20015-2017)

1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013) – 8 Seasons

matt rife movies and tv shows
Image Source – Amazon Prime Video

Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013) – Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013) tops the list in our Top 5 Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows.

Ray Holt, an eccentric commanding officer, and his diverse and quirky team of odd detectives solve crimes in Brooklyn, New York City.

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013) is a beloved TV series known for its humor and diverse cast, and Matt Rife’s guest appearance added an extra spark to the show. Matt appeared in a guest role that showcased his comedic chops and charm.

In his episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Matt played a memorable character who interacted with the main cast in a humorous and engaging way. His comedic timing was on point, and he seamlessly integrated into the ensemble, creating comedic moments that left a lasting impression.

One of the standout aspects of Matt’s performance was his ability to complement the show’s established comedic style while bringing his own flair to the role. He brought a fresh energy to the scenes he was in, contributing to the overall comedic atmosphere of the episode.

Matt’s chemistry with the main cast members was evident, and his interactions with them added depth to his character. His portrayal was both entertaining and relatable, making viewers eager to see more of him on the screen.

Overall, Matt Rife’s guest appearance on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was a highlight of the series. His comedic talent and ability to connect with the audience made his episode memorable and enjoyable. Fans of the show appreciated his contribution, and he left a positive impression with his comedic performance.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013) Trailer | Best Matt Rife Movies and TV Shows

Watch full TV Show on Amazon Prime Video here :- Brooklyn Nine-Nine(2013)

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1. What is Matt Rife Age?

28 years (10 September 1995)

2. What is Matt Rife height?

 6 feet (1.83 m)

3. What is Matt Rife net worth?

$30 million (2023)

4. Who is Matt Rife wife?

He has a girlfriend Jessica Lord who is an actress and dancer.

5. Who did Matt Rife date?

Jessica Lord

6. How did Matt Rife get famous?

Matt Rife started self-publishing his comedy work, posting it on YouTube and Facebook reels first. He gained popularity from there.

7. Is Matt Rife the SpongeBob Kid?

No, he seems similar but he is not the actual meme kid.

8. How did Matt Rife meet Jessica Lord?

Rife first met Lord in Mississippi in 2022 when he instantly fell for her. However, she had a boyfriend at the time, he shared on a November 2023 episode of the Podcrushed podcast. 

9. Who is Kate Beckinsale’s current husband?

Len Wiseman

10. Was Matt Rife in Brooklyn 99?

Yes, He played Brandon Bliss on the comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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