Age : 54 years  Height : 5′ 8½″ (1.74 m)  Net Worth : $3 million  First Appearance : Molly(1999)

Ice-Capades Beginnings  Before acting, Elizabeth performed as an ice skater, even joining Ice Capades, which was a popular traveling entertainment show

Medieval History Buff  She has a deep interest in medieval history and often spends her free time reading about the period or visiting historical sites

Secretly Musical Elizabeth is a talented musician, proficient in playing the piano and guitar, though she rarely showcases this talent publicly

Avid Gardener  She enjoys gardening and has a lush, personal garden where she grows a variety of plants, including rare and exotic species

DIY Enthusiast  Elizabeth loves do-it-yourself projects, from home renovations to crafting, often taking on challenging projects to personalize her living space

Latest Movie Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot Released on 4 July 2024 Directed by : Joshua Weigel Starring : Elizabeth Mitchell, Demetrius Grosse, Nika King

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